Silence ~~

It's 2.13 in the morning .. The block's all quiet .. all lights has been off .. No other sound can be heard other than the wind and the loud woosh of the fan ..

Kind of sad really .. all the silence makes me feel like I am the only one here . Only one in the room , only one in Kmb , the last man standing on earth . No interaction what so ever . Only me , and me , and me . Makes me remember why I hate silence so much . Silence brings loneliness .. Loneliness bring sorrow .. And sorrow brings pain .. Where you go .. the only thing you can hear is your own footsteps .. The other face you can see is when you look at the mirror .. The only voice you hear is your own .. and silence takes the rest ~~

Damn !! someone .. open up the night and light it up with smile and cheers .. I know only U can .. Because I don't need anyone else if I have u ..