Body Breakdown

Man , I hate this ..

Cough + Kahak + sakit kepala + sakit tekak + lenguh badan + muntah + chest pain + Fever + IB
I'm in a damn mess

I've been in a hell lot this few weeks ..
- The English carnival in Beranang -Amal Islami -Math test -Malay test -PB ( this week )

Seems like I can't get any rest done at all , but surely all of my friends have feel the same . All work and no play may not lead to death but surely Im not trying to be the first one .
My body's breaking down . Im trying to take this as a small matter , lots more need to be done other than feeling sick in my room ..

- IA itgs (need to start planning ) - EE ( need to start doing something ) - Lab reports ( Chem , Bio ) -Group 4 Projects Maths ( HL@SL - pick your poison )
I would surely know that you guys would agreee this is IB . And now I fell the BANG!! , not just in my head , but throughout my body . Hope this doesn't stay long . I hate coughing and puking every now n then .

Thanks to my doktor . X kisah layan pesakit yg gedik ni . Paksa makan ubat sume . U really gave me something to be grateful 4 .. :)
p/s : Ubat batuk tak best !!