Not the question

HAH !! that's what i said to myself when i think back of my results .. Not complimenting it greatness .. bcoz it wasn't great , neither good , average can't cut it either .. my targets for the individual subjects are easily shattered like a glass thrown on rock ..

English ; that's one of my strongest subject when im in spm level .. n of coz i would target it to be as high as it gets but .. when i get my results .. it can only smile .. n smile .. still getting 4 from my original target of 6 or 7 is really goin down the drain .. n not only english but other subjects like maths , chem , and such ..

but one thing I keep hold is .. it's not really the question of giving up .. but stopping and starting all over again .. So I did .. After I get all the papers .. I stashed them away and forget all bout them .. ( not saying i was not making corrections or so ) .. but giving my brain the time to recalibrate .. n come the start of new class .. it's gonna be starting all over again .. maybe better , maybe worse ... but still .. if all we can do is looking ahead , we'll get ahead .. sooner or latter .. n keeping the smile pasted on my face .. whatever happen .. n so .. the story continues in sem 2 of my IB life ..

n good or bad it is .. we'll make it through .. I'll always be here ..