When my fist do the talking

Well .. mlm ni agak bored ... so aku nak tulis la apa- apa yg telalu lintas dalam hotak aku ni .. Hmm .. I told you bout what happens to my friend ( the K guys that have the accident ) .. well .. what happens to him was well you might say .. darah mude .. a burst of youth full of emotion and anger .. Well I should understand that .. I have my fair share of burst ..

I am still young .. I am 18 and all .. I have my anger .. and do trust me .. I pissed off a lot ( who knows me close and well know this ) .. but I always put on a fake laugh just to make it all seems like going away .. Who do likes being angry .. moreso being near and angry person .. And I juz don't like being pissed off when Im with friends .. It spoils my mood and somewhat Im afraid that I migh release it on them unintentionally .. Well .. Aku pun orng biasa je .. ada perasaan sume 2 .. When Im pissed about sumtink .. I tend to overdoo it .. If i messed up in the morn .. The mood will be spoilt for the whole day .. 2 yang tgk aku muke x puas ati je n I stop talking .. Thank god now there is sumone to bring the mood back ..

But trust me .. .don't play around when Im pissed .. You might not hear my mouth talking .. but something else will talk .. But don't worry .. hitting a friend will be probably the 100th thing I hit when I pissed off .. I better off hitting a wall or a table before i hurt a friend .. But an enemy .. well .. thats a different matter right .. But who does hurt my friend .. You're messing with me too .. I would go length to save a friend .. even from themselves ..

Sumthing stupid I did a long time ago .. Repeatedly punched the bathroom wall .. When I came too .. the wall was holed and my hand full of blood ..