Rate my stupidity

Well .. I have a story to tell you guys .. read it and tell me what you think .. Its a true story that happens ..

I met with this guy juz late 2005 .. Lets call him K now .. He's pretty nice .. he 22 at that time .. and still studying that time .. He's the friend of my senior in my old school .. He's a pretty large-walled guy .. At that time he was juz struggling on his studies but still managed to keep the carefree attitude .. Well imagine he can play ps2 until 5 in the morning at the day of his exams .. Well , when my senior passed away at 2006 , we became such as good buddies .. always hang out here and there .. Well , he got his Kawasaki Ninja and lots other bikes .. his dad is rich ..

Well thats not the main point that i want to tell you .. ok .. about this k guy .. when Im moved to MRSM at 2007 .. We kind of lost contact .. when I heard of him again .. he was with his new girlfriend .. a girl he met .. well , I never get to know that information .. When I contacted him .. he was talking high and mighty about his girl .. well , i got that .. everyone will talk good about his
girl .. even me .. so ..

He invite me to see his girl .. well .. sure I comply .. and I meet them .. well at first the girl seemed pretty decent .. a well mannered and funny i could say .. BUT .. well .. outer appearance can be deceiving .. a few months after that .. I went for my holiday and take a walk to KLCC .. and well who do i see there .. my friends girl .. well let call her N .. in a crowd of guys .. and clinging to a guy .. well we they could be friends .. but who really act lovey dovey with their good friend of the opposite gender .. I try saying hello to N .. but she just walk past by me making a mocking face .. well .. that really pissed me off .. but nothing to do so I contacted K .. But he doesnt really trust me .. He said that the girl was on a course and cannot be at KLCC .. hmm .. pretty tipical stuff you see at movies right .. A guy deceived by a girl and a fren trying to open his eyes .. well .. as he didnt trust me .. i have nothing to say and I continued my school life .. and then few months later .. I heard he got into a fight with a group of guys .. well .. you could already know it was because of the girl .. well .. what make me so damn angry back then .. you know ..

" he met the girl at Mid - valley with that 'good friends of hers' .. and he started quarrel with the girl .. then the good friends butt in and a little brawl insued .. Well thats what is should be done .. K tried protect his dignity .. but stupidly .. he pretty much get his butt kicked by the guy .. he lost several tooth .. but .. a few weeks later .. he gets back with that N girl .. saying because the ' good friends ' was juz playing with her and she really loves K .. Well you told me .. who damns fall to that stupid reason ??!! tell me ??

Well .. I tried to talk him into realising that STUPIDITY of his .. but he keeps saying .. 'Takpe , kalau die tuk aku , akula ... klau bukan , bukanla .. tapi kalau die sayang aku .. datangla nnt die balik .. ' Well .. he talks like a gentleman .. but a gentleman that is easily dooped .. I can't say anything else .. Well during that time of 2007 - 2008 .. I sometimes contacted him .. but it always the same stuff we're talking .. about that girl .. They keep quarelling .. The girl with no-care playgirl attitude .. and the guy that is playing a false eye and notice the problem too late .. But they still kept their relationship .. UNTIL ...

last two days .. 9 /09/2009 .. I was just finishing my breaking-fast with my class .. We're having a class party that day .. with the guys cooking and stuff .. and I was starting to have a fever .. I went back to my room and try to get some sleep .. Then I get a call from a senior of mine .. A good friend and pretty much an informer .. lets call him R .. well feeling woozy .. I pick up and juz say hallo .. then what he said shock me ..

'' Budak ( well , he call me budak .. he's shorter than me though ) , da tau berite belum .. K masuk hospital .. Die eksiden moto .. ''

And I was like okay .. some of my friends really get into the hospital for vehicles accident a lot .. but just minor injuries .. but how did he get into that accident ??

" Pasal bini dia tula .. die berebut minah tu ngan mamat mana tah .. die pegi terima cabar race motor .. Tah camne tah motor die tebabas langar divider .. baru je maghrib tadi .. kitorang pun otw nak g sana .. Teruk kot .. Motor harcur habis .. Dua-dua kaki patah .. Tangan kanan patah gak .. tangan kiri koyak kat siku .. ''

And that last thing pissed me off to the bone .. DAMN !! after all we said to him .. he still running over for that girl .. and now this !! stupid !! damn !! and Its the fasting month for goodness sake ..
Who stupid enough to do that kind of stuff .. and now I'm home for the holiday .. I'm going to see him this sunday .. And put some sense into him if I can .. And now tell me ..

- Is he smart for trying to protect his love for the girl ..
- Or too stupid trying to protect a false love from a girl ...

Tell me .. because I only see one answer ..

* And for you guys to know .. he going to have his three fingers on his left feet cut off .. they we're badly crushed in the crash ..

Now tell me .. damn !!!!